We are a Canadian e-commerce company that specializes in your daily life needs. As a result, our website offers a wide range of electronic appliances/tools/mobile and portable two-way radios for use in the construction, retail, manufacturing, transportation and other industries! Because we want to provide you with better service, we offer a wide range of communication accessories that will improve your two-way radio and walkie-talkie.

Because we have multiple channel channel partners for brand solutions, we sell the highest quality remote two-way radio. Most importantly, The radios we bring are all IC certified, we are known for our excellent customer service and competitive prices. Therefore, we are always working to improve the way we serve you!

Founded in 2018, the Toronto Store is proud to operate in Canada, specializing in providing the highest quality products from the most renowned manufacturers. Our products are ideal for a wide range of industries and will meet all your electronics and electrical communications needs!

Since the Toronto store is entirely an online company, we are able to offer our products at the lowest price. Therefore, our prices are much lower than industry standards. More importantly, we ship anywhere in Canada!

We provide our customers with a safe and reliable shopping experience, so our customer service enjoys a good reputation. Most importantly, our goal is to always improve our services and build lasting relationships with each of our customers.

Our two-way radios and walkie-talkies are also suitable for use in camping, water or ice activities, field adventures, events, etc. Visit our blog to help you narrow down the range of two-way, two-way broadcasts that meet your needs.

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