Mpow Digital Alarm Clock, Curved-screen Clock with 5” LED Dimmer Display

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About this item

  • 5-inch Curved Screen — Large borderless curved screen with clear LED digit display is easy for everyone to read time. The compact integrated design without bottom base makes this digital clock look compact, portable and stylish. It’s fit for all scenes like: bedroom, living room, office.
  • Simplest Operation — Abandon the past complex button settings, we only leave three function buttons and two Snap Switch for this clock to realize all operation. Three buttons can resolve all needs. For more convenience, we specially make the SOOZE/Brightness Control button larger.
  • 3 Euphonious Alarm Sounds — Varies from the common dull alarm sounds of other alarms, this sleep timer has three euphonious alarm sounds: Tweeting, Sea waves and Chording, and two sound volume 65dB/75dB are available for choice. Further, you will have an extra 9-minute snooze if you click the Snooze button.
  • Adjustable Display — It has 4 brightness level so as to protect your eyes. You can turn off the LED display or adjust the brightness from Low light- Medium light- Bright light. You can choose between 12-hour time system display and 24-hour system display. The built-in battery keeps the memory of all settings during a power outage.
  • What You Get? — 1x Digital Alarm Clock; 1x Power Adapter; 1x Mirco USB Cable; 1x User Manual(AC powered; Power Adapter Included).
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Product Description

kids alarm clock sunrise Alarm Clock
Kids Alarm Clock Sunrise Alarm Clock
LED Display LCD Back Light Round
Alarm Sound Dinosaur Sound and Chords 6 Natural Sound + FM Radio
Brightness Level LCD Back light 20 Level
Alarms 1 2

alarm clock bedside

Stylish Curved Screen Digital Clock with Large Readout (Blue, with USB Cable, Not Include Power Adapter)

The compact integrated design makes this alarm clock a best fashion home decor. It’s fit for all scenes such as your bedroom, study room, living room, office.

Why you choose this clock?

  • 5 inch large Curved screen
  • 9 extra minutes of snooze by clicking the big SNOOZE button.
  • 4 brightness level switchover by clicking the Brightness Control (SNOOZE) button.
  • 3 alarm sounds by clicking the “+” button under alarm sound chosing mode.


Easy Operation

  • This alarm clock is easy to set cause all you need is to familar with three buttons: “-“, “SNOOZE/Brightness Control” and “+”.
  • There are two Snap Switches on the back of the clock. The default position of both switches is at middle.
  • When you want to set Time, please push upward the right Snap Swith to “TIME” and push back to the middle “Lock” after finishing the setting.
  • When you want to set an Alarm, please push downward the right Snap Switch to Alarm and push back to the middle “Lock” after finishing your setting.



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